Sunday, 6 May 2007

Help is here ! how to download from gigeshare !

after so many users were having problems figuring how to download from gigeshare i had to upload this video which shows you exectly how to download. so no more misunderstandings

file size is 4.5 mb very small
its in avi.

Please download this video to your desktop and Watch it in Full screen by double clicking in middle of the windows media player !

thats it !


lymie said...

i have done all the step but when i click blue arrow..the page go to page..i don't know what to do..can u tell me how to download from

Anonymous said...

After going to, u should see something like "request link" on the top left corner. Click on that, after, on the top right u should an discription which will tell you where the link is.

Anonymous said...

Yup2, now i can download using gigeshare. Thanks for the infos!!!

Anonymous said...

After redirecting to, there is nothing like "request link" on the top left as said.
Are there anychanges since then?

mohd nizar said...

i can't get that share avi..sombody please help me..

sheng said...

ok GIGASHARE is the annoyingest SHARING SITE ever i appreciate that you guys upload things, but if ppl like me cant even figure out how to Download from there the links are useless... i know that i know how to download from there.. its just that after i click the ""request download" it goes to the other thing click Download or whatever.. but i cant seem to click it.. too many ads in the way.. and it goes to the Ads instead.... FRUSTRATING... PLEASE CHANGE UPLOAD site.. THANKS