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Family Man

Name/Title: Family Man
Category: Chinese-And-Taiwan-Drama
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Ko Hoi is first saxophonist in the police band, with a happy and warm family. He is the father of four daughters (Wasabi, Tracy, Bobo, and Polly), whom he regards as complete treasures. As a young policeman, he impressed his supervisor and had the chance of being promoted. Unfortunately, his wife passed away during this time and Ko Hoi then rejected the offer of promotion, knowing that he could have a dangerous job, since he must now play both the father and mother roles in the lives of his young daughters. Ko Hoi has raised his daughters to adulthood, but still adores them and treats them as children. The young women have always appreciated their father and refer to him as "jute sai ho ba" (something along the lines of "the greatest father of all time").

Aside from taking care of his daughters, Ko Hoi also worries incessantly about the future of their romantic possibilities, love lives, and general happiness. The oldest daughter Wasabi is slightly unreasonable and has a quick temper, constantly arguing with her husband Kit Lo who does not make a lot of money but nonetheless loves Wasabi very much. Second daughter Tracy has been dating boyfriend Ken for several years, and is even working in a company jointly owned by them. Due to ambition and being a workaholic, Ken has not considered marriage as a future with Tracy, much to her chagrin and even more so her father's. Third sister Bobo has extremely high standards for men, is extremely picky and this is why the man by her side constantly changes. Youngest sister Polly is in university, and being pretty and cute, has a whole flock of guys constantly after her.

Enter Kelvin and Ming, who are best friends but completely different. Kelvin is a smooth-talker with excellent human relations skills due to his experience as a sales manager. Ming is soft-spoken, earnest, and honest. He is ambitious but unlucky in the career field, only working as a simple office worker. These two young men enter the lives of the Ko women as things began to happen!

Chun Pui as Ko Hoi
Jay Lau Kam Ling as Ko Yuk Yee
Flora Chan Wai San as Ko Pui Yee
Sonija Kwok Sin Yee as Ko Bo Yee
Myolie Wu Hung Yee as Ko Chui Yee
Moses Chan Ho as Siu Hin Wah
Michael Tong Man Long as Dai Gwong Ming
So Jee Wai as Wong Jun Kit
Cheng Jee Sing as Lui Lik
Tsang Wai Kuen as Hui Sing Chi

Rating for this Chinese-And-Taiwan-Drama:

Music: 8
Graphic: 7
Story: 9
Review Average: 8

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