Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Haruka 17

Name/Title: Haruka 17
Category: JDrama
Added: 2006-08-30 07:24:12
Modified: 2006-08-30 07:24:12
Episodes We Have: 10
Total Episodes: 10

It's a story about a simple woman called Oobu Miyame (22) who was looking for a job and stumble upon a new idol search and she was chosen to be the new idol member for 17 years old. She embarked on a journey in entertainment business where she found fascinating things including finding her trueself.


Rating for this JDrama:

Music: 7
Graphic: 8
Story: 7
Review Average: 7

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Keizou said...

links for Haruka 17 don't seem to be working, I would really appreciate it if you could fix them THANKS!!!(^_^)