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Koi Ni Ochitara

Name/Title: Koi Ni Ochitara
Category: JDrama
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Episodes We Have: 11
Total Episodes: 11

Since his father passed away six years ago, Shimao Suzuki has taken over the family business, working diligently at their factory with his mother Aiko and a couple of employees. Though not wealthy, Shimao, Aiko, and Shimao's sister Mariko are satisfied with their life.

One day, Shimao draws a raffle at a local shopping mall and wins a trip for two to Hawaii. He takes his mother, and there he meets a beautiful girl, Kaori Shirakawa, and a young and brilliant entrepreneurial president of Frontier, an up-and-coming IT firm, Toru Takayanagi. Shimao immediately falls in love with Kaori, who has a friendly and warm personality.

Shimao and Aiko come home to find the factory in chaos. The accountant has embezzled the company's money, causing them to go bankrupt. Aiko develops a heart disease and is hospitalized. She needs a heart transplant, but the Suzukis can't afford the medical costs. Before Shimao can come up with a way to clear their debts, Aiko passes away. Shimao and Mariko can do nothing but cry. That's when Shimao remembers what Toru told him in Hawaii. "When you're in trouble, come to me." The following day, Shimao finds himself standing in front of the towering building where Frontier is based. What will be waiting for Shimao inside?

# Kusanagi Tsuyoshi as Suzuki Shimao
# Tsutsumi Shinichi as Takayanagi Toru
# Matsushita Nao as Shirakawa Kaori
# Yamamoto Koji as Ando Ryuta
# Sato Eriko as Hoshino Moriko
# Suzuki Kousuke as Miyazawa Osamu
# Kaneda Akio as Toyoda Hisa
# Wakui Emi as Kirino Nanami
# Kimura Yoshino as Suzuki Mariko
# Tanihara Shosuke as Riku Kamiya
# Takizawa Saori as Fujii Hiromi
# Takabayashi Yukiko as Suzuki Aiko

Rating for this JDrama:

Music: 8
Graphic: 7
Story: 8
Review Average: 8

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