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Kikenna Aneki

Name/Title: Kikenna Aneki
Category: JDrama
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April 1999

Yutaro Minagawa had always been smart and called a child prodigy. When he successfully passes the entrance exam for a prestigious medical school, the Minagawa family is filled with joy. Meanwhile, his elder sister Hiroko - no brains, great looks - wins a beauty pageant and gets engaged to a man who works at an advertisement agency. In Miyazaki Prefecture, Yutaro's father's sho-chu liquor has received several awards, and is now expanding business. Everything was going so smooth with the Minagawa family until one incident drops the family into the depths of misery...

October 2005

Yutaro opens the door of his apartment to find someone standing there. It's his sister Hiroko, who he hadn't contacted in years. Seeing all of her luggage, it's obvious that she has left home. Yutaro gives her a disgusted look, but Hiroko doesn't seem to care. She says she wants to stay with him for a while.

When they finally settle down, Hiroko gives Yutaro the update on the Minagawa family. Their father was ripped off and lost his sho-chu brewery. What's worse, he fell sick and passed away. While Yutaro is taking all of this in, he is panicking on the inside, but pretends to act strong.

The following day, Hiroko visits the hospital Yutaro works at. While Yutaro is very unkind to her, his colleagues notice Hiroko right away and everybody in the Medical Department is talking about her. Yutaro's mentor, Dr. Takeda, is especially interested in Hiroko. He finds out that the beautiful girl he spotted on the plane he boarded after a conference in Miyazaki was Yutaro's sister. He believes that it's fate that they met again.

Meanwhile, Hiroko heads to a job interview at a night club. She has never worked at such a place, but her stunning looks and bright personality catches the manager's eye, and she is hired on the spot. From her first day at work, the customers love Hiroko, and gets requested for from table to table. Saori, the top hostess at the club until Hiroko came along is not amused.

Nobody knows the real reason that Hiroko is working at the night club...


Rating for this JDrama:

Music: 8
Graphic: 8
Story: 8
Review Average: 8

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