Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Twin of Brothers no ENG sub sorry

Type: TVB Series
English Title: Twin of Brothers
Viet Title: Đạo Đường Song Long
Year: 2004
Episodes 42
Format: avi
File size: 150-200 MBs
Audio: Vnese
Subtitle: None

Raymond Lam as Kau Chong
Ron Ng as Tzui Tzee Ling
Tavia Yeung as Lee Sau Ling
Li Qian as Sung Yuk Chi
Leila Tong as See Fei Huan
Nancy Wu as Wan Wan
Christine Ng as Fu Guan Chek and Fu Guan Yu
Waisee Lee as Yu Man Fa Kup
Johnson Lee as Lee Sai Man

"Twin of Brothers" is a new breakthrough in TVB series making history thus far. Filmed in Mainland China, many scenes were shot from real backgrounds; therefore many beautiful and breathtaking views are compiled in this series. In addition, TVB employed the aid of computer animations to add to the effect of characters' kung fu, giving the audience a sense of difference and superiority compared to past TVB kung fu series. The costumes were really good, both the guys and girls. With such beautiful backgrounds, clothing and advanced technology, the only element left for a successful TV series would be the characters and plot.


Credits: Thanks to DanVy for posting this from the other td thread.

Twin of Brothers - Đạo Đường Song Long - Reactivated

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