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War of the in laws - no ENG sub Sorry

War of the in laws - Bà Mẹ Chồng Gay Gắt - 2005

Type: TVB Series
English Title: War of the In Laws
Viet Title: Bà Mẹ Chồng Gay Gắt
Year: 2005
Episodes: 1-20/20
Format: mpg
File size: 150-200 MBs
Audio: Vnese
Subtitle: None
Cast: Liza Wang, Shek Sau, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Christine Ng, Eileen Yeow, Hong Wah, Ha Ping, Suet Li, Chan Hoi Yee

Synopsis: In the Qing Dynasty, there was a bossy princess (Liza Wang) who married into a noble family, but still exerted her influence. Whilst choosing a wife for her son Mau Chun (Bosco Wong), she accidentally marries him to Tin Lik (Myolie Wu), who is the daughter of a gang leader. Thus begins the battles between mother and daughter-in-law with the son stuck in the middle, having to win the affections of his wife as well as keeping his mother happy, playing the sympathetic one. However, he is actually a great martial artist who is hiding a secret from them all. What is this secret? And what will happen to the rowing duo? You'll have to wait and see....


Credits: lksmjcnt

War of the in laws - Bà Mẹ Chồng Gay Gắt - Reactivated

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