Monday, 19 March 2007

Attic Cat

Jung Eun is an old friend of Hye Ryun. Because Kyung Min is really desperate, he decided to take it upon himself to help Hye Ryun's poor friend. This is the beginning of an extremely volatile friendship that somehow ended with the two of them living together under one roof, to be more specific, living on top of the roof of an old building.

This romantic setting provides the backdrop of this unlikely love story. Kyung Min’s bratty ways clashes with Jung Eun’s simple living. He is steadily taking advantage of her kindness and good nature.

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bjharm said...

you can get the rest of this series from
just do a search.
The one I found are sub in italian I think, but just go to d-addict and get the eng subs.
Jung Da-bin sadly took her own life 2007, great shame she had real talent.