Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Seducing Mr. Perfect


Daniel Henney plays Heiden, the new American boss at a multinational corporation who takes his assistant, Min-joon (Uhm Jung-hwa) under his wings and teaches her 'the rules of the game' when he discovers that she gets dumped too often due to her unassumingly trusting nature when it comes to men. Heiden cheats, he lies and he also takes his bad traits with him to the workplace.

Will Min-joon be able to find her Mr. Perfect? She's an absolute believer in true love, dedicates herself to the men she dates, but each time it results in a painful breakup! The confident, professional Min-joon can be so clueless when it comes to love.

With the backdrop of a ruthless business world and chic office buildings in the Korean capital, this film has been modernised in its exteriors but holds its well-worn cliches close.

Also starring, Bang Moon-soo, Kim Ki-hyeon, Oh Mi-yeon, Lee Soon-yeol, Ok Ji-yeong, Baek Do-bin, Lee Hwa-seon and Sin Hyeon-tak.


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