Monday, 19 March 2007

The Outsiders

Taiwanese drama "The Outsiders" aka "Dou Yu".

Main Cast
Dylan Kuo
Michael Zhang
Lan Cheng Long
An Yi Xuan
Joelle Lu
Year Aired: 2003
Genre: Action / Romance
Episodes: 20

Synopsis: Story revolves around three sworn brothers namely Yu Hao (Dylan Kuo), Shan Zi (Lan Cheng Long) and Yang Xiong Qi (Michael Zhang). They are delinquents, fighting to gain what they want, though they have never officially joined any triads yet. Their leader Hao falls for Xiao Yan Zi (An Yi Xuan), who is the opposite of everything that the boys are. She is from a family with very good background and has a bright future as a budding pianist. An ambush on Hao by a rival gang brings them together when Yan Zi saves Hao.

The Outsiders 01
The Outsiders 02
The Outsiders 03
The Outsiders 04
The Outsiders 05
The Outsiders 06
The Outsiders 07
The Outsiders 08

incompleted drama, please search on google for the rest. im not able to find it all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted say thank you for uploading these episodes. I recently downloaded episode one of Beautiful Life. For some reason I am not able to play the second part of that episode. I was able to play the first part on all of my media players: Divx, VLC, and Windows Media. Can you help me with this problem. Do I need to convert the second file??