Saturday, 17 March 2007

Green Forest, My Home

Taiwanese drama "Green Forest, My Home" aka "Lu Guang Sen Lin".

Main Cast
Leon Jay Williams
Esther Liu Pin Yan
Ethan Ruan Jing Tian
Song Zhi Ai
David Chen Yu Fan
Year Aired: 2005
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 15

Synopsis: After the romantic TV drama The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog, which was equally successful in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Taiwan's SET TV releases another fairy tale-like series Green Forest, My Home. Also starring handsome actors and actresses, it offers a fantasy world where dreams come true as long as one believes! Handsome Leon Jay Williams from Wedding Gown In Heaven plays the talented young William, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who returns from Austria to head the Spencer Music Academy. Singer Esther Liu from the duo Sweety plays Sophie, the daughter in a musician family who takes up the position of Artistic Director at the Spencer Music Academy. William fails to realize Sophie is the girl he vowed to protect for life in the Green Forest back in his childhood days. Instead he mistakes her step-sister Susan (Song Zhi Ai), who is always jealous of Sophie, as the little girl he has always missed. Meanwhile, Owen (Ethan Ruan), childhood friend of Sophie, returns to find Sophie, only he is now going by a different name which Sophie does not recognize. The four childhood friends meet up once more, but the relationships among them have become far more complicated than they can imagine...

Green Forest 01 | Mirror
Green Forest 02 | Mirror
Green Forest 03 | Mirror
Green Forest 04 | Mirror
Green Forest 05 | Mirror
Green Forest 06 | Mirror
Green Forest 07 | Mirror
Green Forest 08 | Mirror
Green Forest 09 | Mirror
Green Forest 10 | Mirror
Green Forest 11 | Mirror
Green Forest 12 | Mirror
Green Forest 13 | Mirror
Green Forest 14 | Mirror
Green Forest 15 FINAL | Mirror

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