Saturday, 17 March 2007

Summer Snow

Now posting the Japanese drama "Summer Snow". Summer Snow is a drama that I planned on watching, but never got around to downloading. But since someone (Silbizkit-thanks :D) recommended it, I decided to go ahead and get it. As requested, I have uploaded these files for direct download. Enjoy!

Main Cast
Dohmoto Tsuyoshi
Hirosue Ryoko
Imai Tsubasa
Ikewaki Chizuru
Oguri Shun
Year Aired: 2000
Genre : Romance, Human Drama
Episodes: 11
Language: Japanese
Fansubbers: Japan-TV

Synopsis: A love story between a young man who has been forced to grow up too quickly, and a young woman with an ailment that has placed restrictions on her life. Natsuo (Domoto Tsuyoshi) has been looking after his younger brother and sister since the death of their parents. He has also been running the family bicycle shop. Yuki (Hirosue Ryoko) becomes the only person in the world in whom he can confide. For Yuki, Natsuo becomes the catalyst that has her trying to break out of her cocoon.

Summer Snow Ep1 summer_snow_dvd_ep01
Summer Snow Ep2 summer_snow_dvd_ep02
Summer Snow Ep3 summer_snow_dvd_ep03
Summer Snow Ep4 summer_snow_dvd_ep04
Summer Snow Ep5 summer_snow_dvd_ep05
Summer Snow Ep6 summer_snow_dvd_ep06
Summer Snow Ep7 summer_snow_dvd_ep07
Summer Snow Ep8 summer_snow_dvd_ep08
Summer Snow Ep9 summer_snow_dvd_ep09
Summer Snow Ep10 summer_snow_dvd_ep10
Summer Snow Ep11 summer_snow_dvd_ep11_final


Deena said...

I think you should know, because you deserve more than just a comment.. haha
that i absolutely LOVE you for doing this blog. ive been searching summer snow for aaaaages. and then i found your site, now I've found ALL these dramas that I want to watch. I just finished Summer Snow so im gonna go on to the rest. but THANK YOUUUUUUU SO MUCH!!

amelave said...

Could you please re-upload this? Links are no longer working and I would soooo much like to see it...