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Devil Beside You

"Devil Beside You"

Main Cast
Rainie Yang
Mike He
Year Aired: 2005
Genre : Romance, Human drama
Episodes: 14

Synopsis: Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) has a crush on Yuan Yi (Kingone) and with the encouragement of her friends, she decides to confess her love for him. She writes him a love letter and is going to give it to him in person. However she got so nervous when she sees him that she accidentally hands it to Jiang Meng (Mike He), the school director's son who has a devilish reputation and a penchant to bully girls. In the midst of total panic, Yue drops the letter before Meng, and scoots away.

After realizing her letter is with Meng, she tries to get it back from him. True to his name, Meng orders Yue to be his personal servant, and threatens to print copies of her letter and throw them down from the school roof so that everyone can read them. Embarrassed and very very angry, Yue has no choice but to follow in the devil's shadow.

Finally, unable to stand Meng's devil-may-care attitude, Yue decides to break Meng's hold over her and finally tells Yuan Yi that she likes him, and is surprised to find that the feelings are mutual. A bizarre twist later, Yue discovers she harbours feelings for Meng. She realizes that beneath the cool exterior lies a soft heart and a loyal soul who will always stand up for his friends. Meng returns her affections as well, and at last the dreamy Qi Yue whose head is made up almost all of romance fluff, thinks she has found love.

One thing stands in the way, however... How can they be together, when they're about to become brother and sister? (dramawiki)

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DBY Devil Beside You Subs 1-5
DBY Devil Beside You Subs 6-14

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