Friday, 16 March 2007


Now posting Pride. This is for all of you Kimura Takuya fans out there. If your also a fan of Hockey, you'll like this jdrama as well. I've seen the series a few months ago. Did I like it? "maybe" .

Main Cast
Kimura Takuya
Takeuchi Yuko
Year Aired: 2004
Genre : Drama
Episodes: 11
Fansubbers: Japan-TV

Synopsis: Kimura Takuya is the captain and star player of an ice hockey team, who is greatly respected by his teammates. For him, hockey is serious business that fully occupies his mind, while he treats romance as if it were a game.

Takeuchi Yuko is a typical OL (office lady), and is waiting for her boyfriend to return from studying architecture abroad. At this point in time however, he shows no sign of coming back. One day, Yuko's friends who are determined to find her a new boyfriend, invite her to watch an ice hockey game. There she sees Kimura for the first time.
After the game, Yuko and her friends join the players for a party celebrating their victory. Yuko, however, is not so excited to be there. When she leaves the party, she bumps into Kimura, who was slightly injured from a fight. They exchange e-mail addresses and part.
The sparks of mutual attraction are ignited in a second encounter between Yuko and Kimura, arranged with the help of her friends shortly after a party.
Sato Koichi has come as a replacement for the team's coach who has been hospitalized. Kimura has a lot of respect for the hospitalized coach. Unfortunately though, he can't stand Sato's way of doing things. Bringing with him a lot of coaching experience from overseas, Sato criticizes the former coach's strategies. Whenever Kimura and Sato see each other, they get into a quarrel; consequently influencing Kimura's behavior during games.
Seeing that his game ended in a brawl, Yuko visits Kimura to comfort him. But he tells her that she is being too friendly with him.
Yuko is hurt, Kimura is irritated, and his teammate Sakaguchi can't stand seeing Kimura like this... (dramawiki)

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Pride Ep 11 Pride Ep 11 Final - Part 1 | Part 2


Anonymous said...

Hi I was wondering is there something wrong with episode 1 part 2? Because episode 1 part 1 opened on VLC player and it played fine but episode 1 part 2 does not seem tob e working... also is there another way to download the dramas beside this megaupload, because it takes forever to wait between downloads... is there a torrent file of the pride episodes with english subtitles? If so can you tell me on what website.

Thank You ^.^

Anonymous said...

all works fine. i'm up to episode 7 noew