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Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi

Now posting the Japanese mini-drama, Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi (literally means "Those Angels whose Wings have fallen") or Fallen Angels. If you’ve seen this mini-drama, feel free to rate it and let us know what you thought of it in your comment.
Main Cast
ep1- Ueto Aya
ep2- Horikita Maki
ep3- Yamada Yu
ep4- Ueno Juri
Year Aired: 2006
Genre : Drama
Episodes: 4

Synopsis: Based on the mobile novel of the same name written by the modern day storyteller Yoshi. His disarranged story is an account of the lives of these girls. The stories about these girls are true. (episode synopsis follows; credits to Phinn[d-addicts] for translating from the official site)

First Night 「Celeb」 starring Ueto Aya

Nanako (Ueto Aya) disliked her own poor upbringing and so left home for Tokyo as soon as she had finished high school. Nanako longs to became a 'celeb' and works in a small shipping company whilst dreaming of a life of luxury. Her only escape from reality is a weekly visit to a select boutique and the brief enjoyment of feeling like a 'celeb'. Of course, enjoying such luxury cannot be done on the salary from the shipping company. In truth, Nanako receives an income from a certain other job. She has persuaded herself that, although painful, she can do it for the fleeting moments of happiness spent in the boutique. One day, Nanako is sent by her superior to deliver luggage to a nearby posh residential district. There, she meets a girl called Megumi (Sakano Maya).

Second Night 「Live Chat」 starring Horikita Maki

Yuna (Horikita Maki) earns money as a conversation partner, speaking to male strangers on the website 'Live Chat'. A webcam has been set up on the PC in her room and her image and messages are broadcast online whilst she speaks to the men. People come seeking real and false love... Yuna handles all who come to the site with indifference. Truth be told, for Yuna to leave the room and meet one wasn't a good idea. She does so because a certain event in the past has left a deep scar on her mind.

Third Night 「Actress」 starring Yamada Yu

Nao’s father is a doll maker and wants her to inherit his business. However Nao doesn’t want to be making dolls for the rest of her life and ends up getting kicked out of the house and fleeing to Tokyo. This was two years ago. In Tokyo Nao gets swindled by someone calling himself a talent scout and keeps failing at auditions. She soon falls into debt and tries to survive by working part time at a night club and holding other extra jobs. Nao wants to be an actress, becomes very impatient and makes a big error. It is something that even her boyfriend Riku must never know. Then one day, the one person in her whole family who approves of Nao’s goal of becoming an actress suddenly appears in Tokyo: her grandfather. But, her old senile grandfather even recognizing her is another story…

Fourth Night 「Slot」 starring Ueno Juri

Shimojou Ryoko makes her living by playing slot machines. Abandoned by her parents when she was very young, Ryoko moved from one relationship to another, always seeking permanency and always disappointed. One day she woke up to find a small boy, Kentai, sitting in her room with a note from her boyfriend Kenji. Kenji, a host, asked Ryoko to take care of the boy for a few days. Ryoko, the person who has always wanted to be loved, is about to find out what loving someone is about…

My opinion about each episode of this mini-drama - short and sweet. The two episodes (so far as i watched them) are episodic and aren't related to each other...I would much prefer non-episodic series though (in which you can feel your blood boiling thinking, when will the next episode be out :P) But then again, the short stories that I've watched so far, got me hooked...and of course...the reason i got these is because - I LOVE all the main cast (especially Aya-chan and Maki-chan, hehehehe), so i rate it [rate 4.5] anyway :P

First Night 「Celeb」 (Ueto Aya) - reuploaded by nanac
Second Night 「Live Chat」 (Horikita Maki) - reuploaded by nanac
Third Night 「Actress」 (Yamada Yu) | Mirror - hardsubbed and uploaded by vietchino
Fourth Night 「Slot」 (Ueno Juri) | Mirror - hardsubbed and uploaded by vietchino

Main Theme Song - Mika Nakashima - Resistance
1st Night BGM - Mika Nakashima - Kumo no Ito
1st Night BGM - Bjork - Hyperballad
1st Night BGM - Jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul
2nd Night BGM - Mika Nakashima - Find the Way - reuploaded by SacredCultivator
4th Night BGM - Mika Nakashima - Hitori

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